Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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Mare Inspection Enrollment Form

If you are unsure if your mare is eligible to be inspected, send a copy of her papers to Christy at . for pedigree approval.

  • Inspection Pre-approval
    • Non-Hanoverian warmblood mares must send in their mare’s papers including their pedigrees for inspection pre-approval at least four weeks prior to the inspection you would like to attend.
    • Hanoverian, Rhineland, Jockey Club-papered Thoroughbred, and registered Arabian or Anglo/Arabian mares are automatically eligible for AHS/ARS inspection and do not need pre-approval.
  • Check the Inspection Tour Schedule and choose the inspection site you would like to attend, noting the deadline for that site. 
  • Complete the mare Inspection enrollment form below.
    • A copy of your mare’s registration papers will need to be uploaded to the form.
    • You must be a current Active or Lifetime member to take a mare to inspection or participate in an Mare Performance Test. If you're not a current Active or Lifetime member, you can join/renew on the enrollment form.

Next Steps

  • Read the site information sheet attached as a PDF next to the site hosts contact information on the tour site page. This form will give you contact information for the host, inspection site information, start time and stabling information.
  • Submit a Site Host/Stabling Form to the site host.