Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Premonition BHF Overall Hunter Trophy

2017 marked the inaugural year of this award which is presented to the overall Champion Hunter of the Year—for the Hanoverian horse who placed the highest in the standings of their USEF Hunter Division that year. The winner receives a keeper plaque and a beautiful ribbon.  

In 2020, Bent Hickory Farm signed on to sponsor this award for at least 5 years. The award will be named for their homebred mare, Premonition BHF (Pablo-SPS Galaxis/Ganymed), who was the inaugural winner, ridden by their daughter Jordan. Not only did Premonition win our award, but she was also the top placing Junior Hunter, rider 16-17 years that year--she was FIRST in the country in her Division with USEF. 

We very much appreciate Bent Hickory Farm for becoming the new sponsor for this award!

Premonition BHF Perpetual Hunter Trophy

2022Vintage Black (reg. Zalina)Zack-Homepage/HochadelMegan PrecopioErika Buenger, Ger
2021VeyronValentino-Enni/EspriNiki ZarcadesKarsten & Bigitte Harrje, Ger
2020Fig Street's Duchess (reg. name: Duchess Principe)Don Principe-Comtessa/ContenderCynthia HallmanJerry Alexander
2019EM/CM Francheska AH (Fielding-SPS Malena/Maurice)Jordan ToeringKate Palmquist, Va.
2018EM/CM Francheska AH (Fielding-SPS Malena/Maurice)Rick Toering, Jordan ToeringKate Palmquist, Va.
HPMC/CM Premonition BHF(Pablo-SPS Galaxis/Ganymed)Rick ToeringRick Toering, Va.
2017HPMC/CM Premonition BHF(Pablo-SPS Galaxis/Ganymed)Rick ToeringRick Toering, Va.