Friday, December 9, 2022
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The USDF Dressage Finals Awards

Each year, USDF sponsors The US Dressage Finals, a prestigious Level 5 competition for horses and riders that have qualified at one of the USEF/USDF Regional Finals held throughout the country. Each November, top qualifiers from across the country compete in this national head-to-head championship that showcases competitors in adult amateur and open divisions, at Training Level through Grand Prix.

AHS sponsors and provides four awards for their members and horses who compete: highest scoring at the USEF Levels, and highest scoring at the FEI Levels, in both the Open and Adult Amateur categories.

Typically, award winners are encouraged to pick up their awards at the AHS Annual Meeting to acknowledge their US Dressage Finals success in person along with our other year-end winners. However, any winners who don’t attend our Annual Meeting get their trophies mailed to them after the meeting.

It's important to note that owners must declare their registry and become a member with both the USDF and AHS BEFORE the Finals begin. (For USDF, this declaration must be done in addition to the All-Breeds Awards declaration.)

The USDF Dressage Finals Awards - Hanoverian

*These awards were not presented in 2020 due to the Dressage Finals being canceled over COVID-19 concerns.
2021National Levels OpenWrise UpWake Up-De La Rosa/De NiroHeather Salden KurtzLeslie Waterman
FEI Levels OpenFarley 4Fabriano-Wonja Z/WoodstockChloe FullerBarbara Zeitler
National Levels Adult AmateurSupergirl KSSinatra Song-Nisha KS/NocturnoSuzanne CotterKaaran & Tom Schwencer
FEI Levels Adult AmateurBrooklyn GCFBonheur-Greta Garbo/Grand CruBarrett BarksdaleSharon Garner
National Levels Junior/Young RiderEye CandyEscudo II-Goldstern/GrenadierRobin MattsonHans Hosp
2019Adult Amateur - FEI
Prix St. George (70.588)
DAHLIA ACEDon Principe-Berglicht/BergkristallLyn DavisGina FiskLyn Davis
Adult Amateur - National
Second Level (71.508)
FREUDENTANZERFurst Nymphenburg-Design Ra/DonnerhallChristina MalpartidaPeter Herm Rabeler, Ger.Christina Malpartida
Open - FEI
Intermediate I Musical Freestyle (72.992)
STERNLICHT HILLTOPSoliman de Hus-EM Rhapsody GGF/RasclinoHilltop FarmRachel Ehrlich,
Green Gate Farm
Michael Bragdell
Open - National
First Level (77.130)
RONINRomanov Blue Hors-Something Royal/Sir DonnerhallKathryn Fleming-Kuhn and Martin KuhnMarcia BoeingMartin Kuhn

The USDF Dressage Finals Awards - Rhineland

*These awards were not presented in 2020 due to the Dressage Finals being canceled over COVID-19 concerns.
2021FEI Levels OpenRobes BieberRobespierrot-Nimfa/Oula OwlNancy RomanYves Verena Gielen-Burger