Sunday, May 28, 2023
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Website Banner Advertising

The AHS web site at offers an excellent opportunity for AHS members and board-approved equestrian businesses to reach thousands of Hanoverian enthusiasts monthly. As users of our web site access pages across the site, your business’s banner advertisement is presented to them in specified locations. A click of the mouse and the user is taken to your business’s website. It’s that simple!

Disclaimer: Neither the American Hanoverian Society, its Officers, Directors, nor staff assume any liability, legal or otherwise. Advertising on this website does not constitute an endorsement by the AHS. Each horse advertised must have AHS or HV papers, or an AHS Certificate of Pedigree, or have applied for same with the exception of all non-Hanoverian mares who may be advertised if they have been inspected and accepted into the AHS breeding program. The American Hanoverian Society, through its Board of Directors, reserves the right to accept or reject advertisements for this website at its discretion. All ads placed must comply with material acceptable for all ages. Only current AHS members and board-approved equestrian businesses (those selling services/products to the equestrian community), may advertise on this website.

Banner Ad Specifications

Files must be sized exactly to the specifications below. GIF or JPEG, animation permitted.

330 x 475 Featured Banner (Vertical) appears in right-hand column throughout the site

MonthsPriceDiscountFinal Price

770 x 100 Full Banner (Horizontal) appears lower on the homepage only

MonthsPriceDiscountFinal Price

All advertising must be paid in advance. Banner ads will be activated upon receipt of the payment for the campaign and a banner ad file meeting the listed specifications (Please allow up to 3 business days). Orders may be placed by completing the form below. Contact  for more information.

AHS Banner Advertising Order Form