Friday, September 24, 2021
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The Greengate Farm Awards

For the American Breeders of the USDF Finals Hanoverian Winners

Rachel and Warren Ehrlich of Greengate Farm, a prominent Hanoverian breeding farm in Massachusetts, developed and sponsor the Greengate Farm Award given to recognize the breeders of American-born Hanoverian horses that have been USDF Dressage Finals winners.

These awards were first given in 2019 when 3 of the 4 Finals winners were American bred. There were no Finals in 2020, and thus no winners.

The Greengate Farm Awards

2019Gina FiskDAHLIA ACEDon Principe-Berglicht/Bergkristall
Rachel Ehrlich,
Green Gate Farm
STERNLICHT HILLTOPSoliman de Hus-EM Rhapsody GGF/Rasclino
Marcia BoeingRONINRomanov Blue Hors-Something Royal/Sir Donnerhall
*These awards were not presented in 2020 due to the Dressage Finals being canceled over COVID-19 concerns.