Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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Bari von Buedingen Memorial Trophy

Donated to the Society in the early 1990s, the Bari von Buedingen Memorial Trophy is a beautiful bronze depicting an exquisite Hanoverian mare and foal. This, the first of AHS’s perpetual trophies, is awarded in memory of noted breeder Bari von Buedingen, who, together with her husband, Dr. Richard von Buedingen, developed their Graf Bae Farm broodmare band into one of the best in the United States prior to her untimely death in 1993. At the request of the donor, the trophy is inscribed with the following tribute to Mrs. Von Buedingen: “Internationally recognized as an exceptional horsewoman and breeder of Hanoverian horses. May her enthusiasm, love, and dedication to the Hanoverian horse be remembered and perpetuated through this award.”

It is entirely fitting that this trophy is awarded to the highest-scoring Hanoverian mare(s) seen during the American Hanoverian Society’s annual inspection tour. First awarded in 1994, the complete list of winners, including ties, totals 22 mares, the majority of whom are now Elite Mares. Previous winners, including those with available photos, are as follows:

Bari von Buedingen Memorial Trophy Winners

2022Du PrimeroDubarry-Donatella/Don Primero 8.0Dr. Susan E. HeikenMeg Williams
2021 (tie)Dante's PrincessDante Weltino-Wie Liebe/Wolkenstein II 8.16Marne Martin-TuckerJerry Glynne
Sarbonne Sir Caletto-Filigree S/Freestyle8.16Silverhorne Sporthorses, LLCSilverhorne Sporthorses, LLC
2020Fabienne QCFranziskus-Royal Celeste FH/Royal Classic8.0Kimberley DoughertyJonathan Clark and Quinnten Alston
2019RockelleRotspon-Wiesling/Wolkentanz I8.33Angela MirarchiAngela Mirarchi
2018Laurette(Londonderry-Winnifer/Wolkentanz I)8.16Jonathan Clark & Quinnten AlstonJo Ann Thomas, Ore.
2017HPMC Dakar MF(Don Principe-SPS Brisbane/Belissimo M)8.0Maryanna HaymonHans-Heinrich Bruening, Ger.
2016 (tie)Relevé HTF(Royal Prince-EM Comtesse/Cordoba)7.83Hilltop FarmHilltop Farm
Revelry THF(Royal Blend-EM Gabriela/Grundstein I)7.83Talley RuhleTalley Ruhle
Wroyal Heir(Widmark-Divinia/Don Frederico)7.83Rebecca LewisonMeg Williams
2015Wiktoria FH(Wolkentanz II-EM Del Amika/Donnerhall) 8.16Eliza RutherfordEliza Rutherford, Vt.
2014EMC Stiletto MRF(Sir Donnerhall I-Britania/Bordeaux) 8.33Maple Run FarmMaple Run Farm, Wis.
2013Lady in Red KS(Liberty Gold-EM Berlina/Brentano II)8.00Karan & Tom SchwencerKaran & Tom Schwencer, Md.
2012Furst Day Light(Furst Impression-Amelia Bedelia/Anhaltiner E)7.83Mary ManningMary Manning, N.C.
2011Rococo OSH(Rotspon-Parisienne/Prince Thatch xx)8.33Mary Beth Stanton, DVMStephanie Hagins, Fla.
2010EMC Lucette(Liberty Gold-EM Aluette/Argentan I)8.16Jo Ann ThomasJo Ann Thomas, Ore.
2009Pauleah(Paparazzo-Miranda/Maronjo)8.33George ToccalinoLouise Lovett, Fla.
2008Rondalet(Rotspon-EM Donna Lady/ Donnerhall)8.16Jan VoytillaWestbrook Farms, Can.
2007Wolkenstanza MLW(Wolkentanz I-Rohanna/ Rohdiamant)8.50Mary Lou WinnMary Lou Winn, Fla.
2006Courvoisier V.S.O.P.(Contucci-SPS Wilhelmine/Walt Disney I)7.94Brenda and Peter HansenBrenda and Peter Hansen, Del.
2005 (tie)EMC Fallon SLH(Fabriano-EM Weltlady/Weltruhm)8.00Nona HendersonNona Henderson, Wash
EMC Wolka(Wolkenstein II-Malina/Matcho x)8.00Jack W. RobinsonJoern Doescher, Ger.
2004 (tie)Donata L(Del Piero-SPS Ballerina/Bolero)8.00Leatherdale FarmsPeter Mahler, Ger.
EM Hochkarat(Hohenstein-SPS Destemona/De Niro)8.00Marion Dresel O'ConnorHans-Guenter Berner, Ger.
2003 (tie)EMC Audrey(A Jungle Prince-SPS Faye/Forrest xx)8.16Betsy LaBelleBarbara Dzaack, Ger.
EM Marcellina WF(Magic-EM Frederika/Feiner Stern)8.16William D. MulhollandWilliam D. Mulholland, Ont.
EMC Rheinstone(Regazzoni-SPS Flick Flack/Feiner Stern)8.16H. Russell HartHorst Erxleben, Ger.
2002 (tie)EM Fantasia Fuerstin R(Fuerst Gotthard-Libra/Lundberg)8.00Donna SalmontRainbow Equus Meadows, Calif.
Isabel(Induc-EM Winsome/World Cup IV)8.00Elizabeth KlebeElizabeth Klebe, Fla.
EM Musetta(Magic-Willa/World Cup IV)8.00William D. MulhollandWilliam D. Mulholland, Ont.
2001D'Allegra(Davignon-SPS Allegra/Allround)8.00Marefield MeadowsMarefield Meadows, Va.
2000EM Mathilda(Magic-EM Frederika/Feiner Stern)8.00William D. MulhollandWilliam D. Mulholland, Ont.
1999 (tie)Brianna(Bordeaux-Auf Wiedersehen/Adios III)7.83Kathy PriestBridlewood Farm, Ky.
EM First Pik(Wertherson-Pik Dame/Pik Kšnig)7.83Suzanne QuarlesSuzanne Quarles, Md.
1998EM Regan(Ravallo-SPS Bounty/Bolero)8.00Marefield MeadowsMarefield Meadows, Va.
1997 (tie)Picsanabel(Picard-Corcoran Belle xx/Gebomo xx)8.00Betty KarlCatherine Biederbach, Calif.
EM Welkin(World Cup IV-SPS Bummy/Bolero)8.00William D. MulhollandWilliam D. Mulholland, Ont.
EM Wonder Girl(Wonderful-SPS Comtesse/Cordial)8.00Leatherdale FarmsReinhard Brandt, Ger.
1996Fonteyn(Werther-Starrcrest Lady xx/Pack Trip xx)8.16Anne Schmidt & Martha MoodyAnne Schmidt, Ore.
1995EM Whimsical(Wertherson-Jet Set/Jet Stream xx)8.16Suzanne QuarlesSuzanne Quarles, Md.
1994Stop Makin Sense(Sanwalt-Sasquatch Baby xx/HeÕs A Baby xx)8.16Noelle NickesonSandra Brown Tull, Mich.