Friday, December 9, 2022
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Certificate of Pedigree Request

  • A Certificate of Pedigree (CP) is for horses that have one parent that is approved for breeding and one parent that is not.  If going through the dam, she must be in the Main Studbook.  If going through the sire, keep in mind that stallion dues may apply (e.g. Inactive Sire Fee if the stallion dues have not been previously paid for the year of breeding). 
  • Certificate of Pedigree horses, nor any of their offspring, ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR INSPECTION into the breeding program due to the fact that the one parent is not approved for breeding.  They cannot have registered offspring.  Members often take their CP horse to other registries who allow these horses to be entered into a lower level book and upon inspection, can have registered foals through that registry.
  • Certificate of Pedigree horses are eligible for AHS year-end awards in performance sport horse classes.  They would not be eligible for IBC’s (Individual Breed Class awards) as these only apply to fully-papered Hanoverian or Rhineland horses.


  • All Certificate of Pedigree (CP) horses are registered by mail, so you will have to submit markings and photos.
  • For CP horses that are in their year of birth or have a breeding certificate, will not be required to have DNA parent-verification.  For those that do not, we will have to do a $60 DNA kit to parent-verify the horse to the approved parent the horse is getting the CP through.
  • All CP horses that have not previously been microchipped will be required to do so.  We will mail you a chip and you will have your vet inject the chip and sign a certificate which the horse owner will need to return to the AHS office.  For those horses previously chipped, they will need a chip verification certificate signed by your vet listing the microchip number and that it has been scanned and verified by your vet.
  • A copy of the unapproved parent’s registration papers/lineage will be required to complete the lineage on the CP.  If the unapproved parent is not registered, we will simply list the horse’s name and put unregistered under the name.  The lineage will be blank on the CP.

Certificate of Pedigree Request Form

The following information must be completed to submit your form and payment online.