Sunday, June 11, 2023
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Premium Eligible Mare Performance Upgrade Through Sport Request Form

Mares may be evaluated through their successful performance in sport, namely dressage, jumping, eventing, or show hunters as set forth below:

a) In dressage, a mare must receive three (3) scores of at least 60% at Second Level, Test 3, or above, by three (3) different judges at USEF or Equine Canada recognized shows, or

b) In jumping, a mare must place in the top six (6) at 1.15m, or above, in at least three competitions at USEF “A” rated or Equine Canada class “1” shows, or

c) In eventing, a mare must either: i) place in the top five (5) at least five times at Modified Level, or above; or ii) complete at least five (5) horse trials at Preliminary Level, or above, without jump penalties (not to include time penalties), or 10 of 15 d) In show hunters, a mare must place in the top three (3) in an over-fences class of 10 or more entries, or in the top six (6) in an over-fences class of 20 or more entries, in any rated division jumping 3’6”, or above, at five (5) different USEF “A” rated shows or Equine Canada class “1” shows.