2024 Inspection Tour Schedule

Buckeye Nutrition Sponsor of the 2024 Mare & Foal Inspection Tour

Below is the 2024 AHS/ARS Public Inspection Tour Schedule. Additional public sites may be added to this list as they are finalized. Please make note that all inspection forms and payment must be received in the office by the posted deadline date to avoid an administrative fee that will be applied once per enrollment form for submissions made after the posted deadline. 

Warmblood Stallions of NA Sponsor of the 2024 Yearling/Two-Year-Old Futurity


You must have a current Active-level membership with the AHS to present horses at inspection or to register foals. If you are a current Associate or Junior member, you must upgrade to Active using the Membership Renewal Form

Tour Enrollment

To register foals, enroll mares and/or stallions for inspection, sign up for the Mare Performance Test, or enter Futurity classes, use the Inspection, Futurity, MPT, and Foal Registration form. Early enrollment is encouraged as many sites have limited space. All fees must be paid in advance as entries are not taken on inspection day. Deadlines vary by site, so be sure to check the schedule below.

If you have any questions regarding the tour please contact the AHS office at (859) 255-4141. The office staff is more than pleased to assist you with any inspection inquiries you may have. Good luck on inspection day; we wish you every success.

In addition, the Society offers a limited number of private inspections available to members who cannot travel to a public site. Please contact the office for details at or (859) 255-4141. Video inspections are also an option for mare inspections. Read the video rules and guidelines to see if video will work for you and your mare. If you have any questions about video inspections, contact Christy at or at (859) 255-4141 ext.102.

The AHS reserves the right to make scheduling changes if necessary.

Inspection Day Standard Order of Go

To make the best use of the commission’s time, inspection sites typically follow a standard order-of-go, however, the final schedule is up to the site host's discretion. Stallion licensing site schedules may differ.

  • Registration
  • Free Jumping portion of Mare Performance Test. During the free jumping there will be an evaluation of the trot while free running; in the case of previously uninspected mares, (i.e., those doing both their studbook inspection and MPT), there will be an evaluation of conformation and correctness of gaits immediately following their free jumping.
  • Individual inspection of non-Hanoverian Mares, followed by group walk ring, including the non-Hanoverian mares inspected during the MPT, followed by awards.
  • Mare Performance Test, under saddle portion, followed by awards.
  • Individual inspection of Hanoverian Mares, followed by group walk ring, including the Hanoverian mares inspected during the MPT, followed by awards.
  • Foal Presentations
  • Futurity Classes
  • Branding (last activity of the day).
    • Hip branding of the foals out of mares that have just passed their inspection follows is usually the last activity of the day. At most sites, a foal class will be held and “the best colt” and “best filly” of the day will be announced.


Send your stabling requests directly to the host at the address printed for the contact of the site. This is meant to help the hosts in planning for their guests. Consult your site information as to whether stabling fees are due in advance or at the time you arrive. These fees are paid directly to the host. Do not send the stabling form or stabling payment to the AHS office.


Every mare, foal, and stallion inspection/MPT cancellation will receive a refund in full less a $50.00 per horse withdrawal fee with the exception of Futurity and Informal Stallion Evaluation entries. Because Futurity fee are less than $50, no refunds are given. There are no addtional fees if you switch to a different site.

If you have further questions, please contact the AHS office, 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Eastern Time, by calling 859-255-4141.


In addition to our wonderful public site offerings, we do have a few private sites that will allow outside horses to attend. If you are not located within a reasonable distance to any of our public sites, please reach out to the office to inquire on the possibility of attending an inspection at a private site near you

2024 Tour Dates as of March 4, 2024: