Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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Stallion Service Report

A stallion service report form must be completed and submitted to the American Hanoverian Society office by October 31st of each breeding season for all resulting foals to be eligible for registration. 

An original stallion service report must be on file with the American Hanoverian Society before eligible foals may be considered for registration. The stallion service report must:
a. Contain the registered names and registration numbers of all mares bred.
b. Indicate the registered breed of the mare.(See list on the instructions sheet for abbreviations)
c. Include all dates of service or shipment of semen for the mare.
d. The type of semen fresh or frozen.
e. The complete name and address of the mare's owner.
f. Include the signature and date for the recorded owner of the stallion or it's authorized agent

Instructions for completing the Annual Stallion Service Report are available here.

Annual Stallion Service Report (Fillable PDF)