Mission Statement and Goals

Mission Statement

To promote and support breeders, riders, owners, enthusiasts/fans of the Hanoverian and Rhineland horse in the U.S. We provide guidance, education, registration, and awards for our members.

Top Four Short-term Goals (August 2019)

These are the goals the board members chose to work on over the next 12-18 months. Many of these topics may lead to long term goals, but will begin as short-term strategies that grow into longer term efforts.

  1. Improve technology by updating and implementing VIT and the website.
  2. Automate registration application.
  • Reorganize/simplify procedures including egistration from members and office standpoint, improve inspection process with technology.
    • Simplify markings process for egistration.
      • Develop standard descriptions for markings.
  • Increase market share of competitors, foal registrations, and number of inspected mares.
    • Increase AHS presence regionally.
      • Enhance collaboration and communication with show
    • Reactivate the awards program on the regional level.
  • Improve marketing and promotion of the Hanoverian horse.
    • Inventory and evaluate previous AHS marketing efforts and their measure of success.
    • Determine current AHS advertising opportunities that exist for outside advertisers. (e.g. AHS magazine, AHS website, AHS Facebook page, etc.)
    • Differentiate AHS from other warmblood registries in a positive manner.
    • Establish a timely and consistent e-newsletter.
    • Expand AHS social media presence and reach.