Sunday, June 11, 2023
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Rewarding Hanoverians Competing in Sport

Rewarding Hanoverians Competing in Sport

The American Hanoverian Society Awards Program was developed to reward Hanoverians competing in sport. It has evolved over the years and awards are now given for Dressage, Eventing, Hunters and Jumpers, and Sport Horse Breed Shows.

In addition to the regular year-end performance awards in the categories below, a number of Perpetual Trophies have been established to acknowledge outstanding individual performances in sport as well as during the Annual Inspection Tour.

Horses competing in these disciplines MUST be enrolled in the AHS Awards Program in order to be eligible for year-end awards! Please complete and submit the Performance Awards Form by September 30th of the competition year!


In Dressage, we sponsor the Hanoverian All-Breeds Awards through the United States Dressage Federation and give 14 awards for all the levels of competition including Freestyles. The Dressage Horses of the Year are chosen from among these winners.

Hunters and Jumpers

In the Hunters and Jumpers we recognize the top Hanoverians competing in all of the USEF recognized divisions including the Hunter Breeding divisions. There is also a Young Jumper Award Program that recognizes horses competing in other divisions that the USEF does not track


For Eventing, the AHS awards a High Score Award at each of the 5 levels of the sport recognized by the USEA and the USEF – from Novice through Advanced.

Sport Horse Breeding

For the Sport Horse Breed Shows Awards, we keep track of the points earned by the Hanoverians competing in the USDF Breed Shows and reward the highest scoring young horses – both fillies and colts, the highest-scoring mature mares, and the highest scoring stallion (AHS licensed).