Saturday, March 25, 2023
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Why Become a Member?

Join the Community. Hanoverians are cool.

The American Hanoverian Society (AHS) is a community of breeders, trainers, competitors, riders, and enthusiasts who join together to celebrate the Hanoverian horse. Some of the benefits of membership follow but join the community and find out for yourself why our members are so loyal to the Hanoverian.

Unique, US-Based Governance: An American Voice for Breeders

AHS is an American-based, independent, non-profit corporation, headquartered in Lexington, KY. The AHS office at the Kentucky Horse Park employs a full-time, experienced staff that is dedicated to supporting the membership and the general public with all matters related to Hanoverians.

The AHS is directed by its own Board of Directors, elected by its U.S. membership and operating under by-laws voted upon by the membership. This self-governance is unique to US affiliated registries. The AHS office is assisted by the elected Board, as well as by hard-working volunteers who serve on numerous committees. The issues faced by the membership are carefully considered in the daily operations, and in the long-range plans of the Society.  Participation of members is actively encouraged.

The AHS enjoys a strong bond and a mutually beneficial working relationship with the Hannoveraner Verband (HV) in Germany. An affiliate of the HV, AHS enjoys full Studbook reciprocity with the HV for US-approved stallions and mares. In addition, the Verband endorses the AHS by-laws, breeding rules, and the manner in which the AHS conducts bloodstock inspections. The AHS has representation and a vote on the Verband Board through our membership in Hannoveraner International.

A Registry That is Easy to Use and Responsive to Industry Changes
  • For the inspection year 2020, and in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the AHS is permitting a one-time waiver of studbook placement for Hanoverian mares, allowing uninspected mares to register a foal in this year.
  • The AHS makes registration and inspection available to breeders in many locations, or when inspection is not feasible :
    • Breeders have the option of registering their foals entirely by mail.
    • Breeders have the option to submit a video of their mare for studbook placement in lieu of a physical Mare Inspection. This includes Hanoverian and non-Hanoverian mares.
      • As of 2020, the registration process and inspection entries can be made online.
      • As of 2020, annual mare dues have been eliminated, streamlining and simplifying the registration process.
      • Our annual inspection tour includes as many as 25 public sites nationwide, and includes (offers differ by site):
        • Mare inspections and Foal inspections
        • The Mare Performance Tests (MPTs)
        • Stallion licensing opportunities
      • For an additional fee, private Inspections may be arranged through the AHS office for members who cannot be accommodated through the traditional, public inspection tour.
Programs for Members That Assist Marketing and Brand Recognition
  • The AHS employs a Social Media Director and a Web Director resulting in comprehensive internet, social media and brand recognition.
  • The AHS Awards program is one of the most comprehensive offered to sport horse breeders in America.
  • Members may electronically submit the showing successes of their produce, and this information is prominently displayed on the AHS home page, and in social media outlets.
  • The AHS works hard to give our breeders ways to showcase and differentiate their breeding stock and offspring from the rest of the pack:
    • Recognition/Predicate of AHS mares through performance
    • Annual Futurity awards for AHS yearlings and two-year-olds
    • Recognition of top foals and Gold Medal Foals at each inspection site on social media and in the annual Breeder’s Guide
    • Special recognition when accepted into the the jumper-bred Hanoverian program
Programs for Members That Educate
  • The AHS produces an annual print copy of the AHS Breeder’s Guide and Stallion Directory, automatically mailed to every active-level members. The AHS also maintains an online stallion directory.
  • Members may electronically access the English version of Der Hannoveraner.
  • Members have access to the AHS print media archive, including online copies of The AHS magazine.
  • AHS members receive frequent registry and industry updates electronically via Hanoverian Happenings from the AHS office.
  • The AHS has a very active Young Breeder’s Program to encourage the next generation.
  • The AHS conducts an annual membership meeting that is held at differing locations throughout the US to allow the greatest number of members to participate.
Integrity Measures for the Hanoverian Horse
  • Members may place free photo ads on the AHS Website
  • The AHS sends highly trained and well-qualified American and German judges to each of our many inspection sites who are always happy to discuss your mares and foals on site. 
  • All horses (studbook mares, approved stallions, and registered foals) are DNA tested.
  • All approved stallions undergo rigorous approval processes, including extensive radiograph evaluation, and drug testing during the licensing phase.
  • AHS requires that stallion owners report Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome (WFFS) and Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) status annually for AHS stallions. This information is printed in the annual Breeder’s Guide.
  • AHS makes a WFFS testing for any horses available to members at group rates.