Wednesday, April 14, 2021
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Step-By-Step: Transfer of Ownership

  1. You will need
    • A bill of sale
  2. You will also need a COPY of the horse's papers/passport:
    • Front and back of the original AHS pink registration papers, or
    • For German-papered horses that have been issued a passport
      • a copy of the Certificate of Ownership, OR
      • a copy of the front cover and pages 2-3 of the passport.
  3. Fill out the online transfer form and upload a scan of the transfer of ownership form (or bill of sale) and both sides of the registration papers.
  4. The owner(s) of record will be amended in the AHS database and a sticker will be mailed to the new owner(s) to affix onto the original registration papers.

Note: Transfers can be done by mail, if necessary: Send the transfer of ownership form and a copy of the horse's papers, along with credit card information or a check, to the AHS office.