Wednesday, March 29, 2023
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Step-By-Step: Register a Foal

  1. Determine if your foal is eligible for AHS registration.
    • Is he or she out of an AHS/ARS or HV-inspected mare and an AHS/ARS or HV approved or licensed stallion? Are they in the AHS or ARS breeding program? If you don't know for sure, contact Christy at or call the AHS office. 
    • If only one parent is in the breeding program, contact Christy at or call the AHS office. 
  2. If both parents are in the breeding program, you will need to complete the Inspection, MPT, Futurity, and Foal Registration Form.
  3. Once the form and fees are received, the office will send you a microchip and a DNA kit through the mail.
    • The DNA kit for parent verification will contain instructions on how to pull the foal's hair and place it on the enclosed form as well as where to mail it. Results will be sent to the office.
    • The microchip is injected by your veterinarian who will sign the Microchip Certificate. As the foal owner, you will need to return the microchip certificate to the AHS office.
    • The AHS does not issue refunds if you elect to use your personal microchips. You still complete the provided microchip certificate and return it to the AHS office. 
  4. After the microchip certificate has been returned, the parent-verification results have been received and all fees have been paid, foal papers will be issued and mailed to the owner. 
    • If all foal requirements are submitted to the AHS Office by Dec. 31 of the year of birth, the foal will receive a complimentary USEF number. 


Three (3) choices are required when applying for papers. Names must begin with the first letter of the sire’s name and are not to exceed 20 characters including spaces and punctuation. Often, initials or numbers are used after a name for a second or third choice.