Thursday, February 2, 2023
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Step-By-Step: License a Stallion

STALLIONS: Ages 3 to 6
  1. Get Pedigree approval [free]
  2. Complete Inspection enrollment form [$500]
  3. Send x-rays [veterinarian-specific costs]
  4. Have vet certification completed [veterinarian-specific costs]
    • Must be within six weeks of scheduled licensing.
  5. Submit Post-licensing blood test (for drug panel) [veterinarian-specific costs]
    • Must be completed by vet at time of licensing in presence of AHS official
  6. Complete Performance requirements for lifetime approval
    • 2 years of NASST ( [$2500/test] OR
    • Performance in sport [cost of showing]
STALLIONS: Ages 7 and up
  1. Get pedigree approval
  2. Send x-rays [interpretation = $125 + veterinarian specific costs]
  3. Complete stallion inspection enrollment form [$500]
  4. Have veterinarian certification done [vertinarian-specific costs]
    • May be able to use the veterinary certificate completed for other German-registry approvals
    • If not previously approved by another registry, the vet check must be completed within six weeks of the inspection. Vet check requirements/form
  5. Submit Post-licensing blood test (for drug panel)
    • If stallion is approved for licensing, a veterinarian must take a blood sample immediately following the inspection.
    • If performance in sport requirements have been completed, the blood test requirement is waived.
  6. Complete the Performance in Sport requirements for lifetime approval
    • If the performance requirements have already been met at the time of the inspection, stallions accepted at the inspection receive a lifetime approval instead of a temporary license.