Wednesday, April 14, 2021
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Step-By-Step: Duplicate Registration Papers

Duplicate registration papers can only be issued to horses whose papers were originally issued by the American Hanoverian Society.  We cannot issue duplicate passports for German-papered horses.

If you--the owner of the horse--are applying for duplicate papers but are not the owner of record of the horse in the AHS database, you will need written permission from the AHS owner of record. The written permission must be signed and dated by the AHS owner of record. You will be required to transfer the ownership of the horse into your name at the same time you request duplicate papers. 

You must be a current Active member to request duplicate papers.

To obtain duplicate registration papers, the owner(s) of the horse must:
  1. Complete the duplicate paper form, including the explanation of the lost papers, and return it to the AHS office (scanned copies may be submitted as long as the signatures can be read easily).  The signature of the owner of record MUST BE NOTARIZED.
  2. Complete the markings section below.
  3. Submit a minimum of four color photos of the horse showing front, back and both sides of the horse down to the hoof so all leg markings can be seen.
**The Duplicate Registration form is being updated and will be available here shortly.