Saturday, December 10, 2022
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Worldwide Hannoveraner Competition

Verden. For the second time a test run of the Hannoveraner online tournament will take place from July 3 to 5. It offers the ideal platform for dressage riders to compete with their Hannoveraner and Rhinelanders worldwide under tournament like conditions. In cooperation with and EQUI-LEAGUE, the Hannoveraner Contest in dressage is held at A, L and M level.

The first test run of the Hannoveraner Online Tournament took place at the end of May with 23 starters. The start was very successful, even riders from New Zealand, Great Britain, Italy and Russia presented their Hannoveraner and Rhinelanders to the whole world.

The actual "Hannoveraner EQUI-LEAGUE Dressage" will follow on four dates. The same tests will be ridden in each case and at the end the overall winners will be determined. The four dates are: July 17 to 19, August 7 to 9, August 28 to 30 and September 18 to 20. The three best results of a rider in the same class will be added together to give the final result. 

"As soon as I heard about the portal, I immediately had the idea that this could be a great platform to offer the riders of Hannoveraner and Rhinelanders worldwide a possibility to compare," enthuses Wilken Treu, Managing Director of the Hannoveraner Verband. Committed partner is Volker Wulff, one of the two founders of EQUI-LEAGUE.

And this is how it is done:

1. register for free at

2. enter for the test

3. shoot two videos: of the warm-up and of the test.

4. upload videos - done!

After the test a ranking will be made. Each participant will receive a protocol with the evaluation and a comment on the ride.

The announcement of the " Hannoveraner EQUI-LEAGUE Dressage" can be viewed at So whoever – wherever in the world – has a Hannoveraner or Rhinelander in the stable or under the saddle should quickly register for free and name him or her for the " Hannoveraner EQUI-LEAGUE Dressage".

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