Saturday, December 10, 2022
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New Licensing Commissioners in Hanover

New Licensing Commissioners in Hanover

Besides breeding director Ulrich Hahne, Markus Beerbaum (left) will be a member of the Hannoveraner licensing commission. (Photo: Hannoveraner Verband)

Verden. On 29 May, Hannover's stallion raisers met in Verden. Also this year, the licensing in autumn – under observance of the then valid official requirements – is to be the highlight of the breeders' year. For the first time, the licensing commission will make their decision based on discipline in two groups. Dressage rider Hannes Baumgart and the internationally successful show jumper Markus Beerbaum will complete the commission.

While up to now the experts for dressage and show jumping have judged all the stallions together with the breeding board, they will in the future only deal with the youngsters in their discipline. Only breeding director Ulrich Hahne and Martin Spoo as representative of the District Association of North Rhine-Westphalia will participate in the licensing of all stallions. 

In both disciplines, new members will complete the commissions. In the case of the dressage stallions, the dressage rider and trainer Hannes Baumgart, Verden-Döhlbergen, was newly appointed to the licensing commission by the board, along with Heike Kemmer and Hans-Heinrich Meyer zu Strohen. "For me the appointment to the licensing commission closes a circle," says Hannes Baumgart. "With my family, I have prepared many stallions over the years, then I was a guest rider at stallion performance tests for a long time. I, therefore, see my appointment to the licensing commission as recognition of my work, and I am very pleased about that".

The new licensing commissioner for show jumpers also comes from the Verden area. Team World and European Champion, Markus Beerbaum, will now devote himself to the topic of young stallions together with Martin Klintworth and Jörg Münzner. Markus Beerbaum is looking forward to this new task: "The Hannoveraner horses are close to my heart because Meredith and I celebrated our greatest successes on Hannoveraner horses. I am therefore very pleased to have the opportunity to be involved in the development of the Hannoveraner show jumper in the future".

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