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HV Members’ News 06|2020

HV Members’ News 06|2020

Dear Hanoverian and Rhineland breeders,

until at least the end of October, major events will continue to be prohibited in Germany. Of course, horse breeding and equestrian sports are also strongly affected by this. The Hannoveraner Verband is doing everything possible under the current circumstances. In April we had to cut back a bit, but since then all employees are working with all their strength again. The first major registration trips to other countries are scheduled for July. In the core breeding area, we have high season with mare performance tests and subsequent premiums for the mares, online auctions have proven to be successful in marketing, and the tournament office organizes numerous late-entry tournaments without spectator participation. Making the best of the situation - that is our goal for our breeders and for our customers.

Anne Kollberg                                                         Dr. Ludwig Christmann
President                                                                  Director department
Hannoveraner International                               breeding in foreign countries



Current-year members can download the pdf-file of the latest issue of the English version of our members’ magazine DER HANNOVERANER at the following link.

HV’s “The Hanoverian” – 06|2020




Registration trips outside Germany

After the trips planned for April (South Africa) and mid-June (Denmark) could unfortunately not take place, several registration trips are planned for the coming weeks and months. The following trips are planned for July: Poland: 11 - 17 July; France and Luxembourg: 13 - 23 July; Netherlands: 27 - 30 July; Belgium: July/August.
Here you will find more information about these and all other registration trips. [More]

Hannoveraner Verband - Assembly of delegates

In their meeting on June 8th, the Board of the Hannoveraner Verband agreed on Monday, August 24th as the new date for the Assembly of Delegates of the Hannoveraner Verband. You will find the agenda below. 22 September has been set as an alternative date and will take effect in the event that contact restrictions are in force on the August date that prevent the meeting from being held. According to the current status, the Assembly of Delegates can be held with a maximum of 250 people in the Niedersachsenhalle. Further visitors could follow the assembly in the adjoining warm-up arena via live transmission. At the beginning of the 30th calendar week, the applications for the new committees to be elected will be published. Even after that, an application remains possible, but it should be received by the electoral committee if possible with the dispatch of the invitation/agenda for the Assembly of Delegates. This ensures early announcement.


  1. Welcome
  2. Determination of board members and delegates entitled to vote
  3. Approval of minutes of the assembly of delegates on February 20th, 2020
  4. Reports of the management and of the breeding director
  5. Information on proposals and decisions of the board
  6. Report of the speaker of young breeders
  7. Award of the Fritz von der Decken-Prize
  8. Report of the supporters‘ club for Hanoverian Horses in sports (FRH)
  9. Annual financial statement 2019
  10. Report of the financial advisory commission and the auditors
  11. Resolution on the appropriation of the balance sheet
  12. Discharge of the board and of the management
  13. Estimate and fee-setting for 2020/2021
  14. Elections of the new bodies of the Verband
  15. Miscellaneous, dates, applications

The agenda is subject to change. The Assembly of Delegates is public for all members of the Verband. The board and the delegates are entitled to vote. Transfer of votes is only permitted for the delegates of the district society Hannoveraner International.

Verden Auction Online – Foals – from July 1 to 4

The countdown to the Verden Online Auction for foals with dressage pedigrees has started. From July 1st to 4th, 2020, you can secure one of our 20 future hopefuls online.

The Hannoveraner stallion Franco Nero, Bundeschampionat Finalist V-Plus and premium stallion Vivaldos are convincing with their first foal crops. In addition, well-established sires meet successful dam lines and create a highly interesting auction lot.

From Friday, June 26, we will be online! For bidding at the Verden online auctions, customers only have to register at and off you go. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the team at the auction center of the Hannoveraner Verband.

Verden Auction Online – Riding Horses – on 18 July

The collection features 48 dressage horses and 17 show jumpers. Some of the auction horses show their potential for both disciplines and will match both demands. For these horses training towards a future eventing horse is also possible. The selection of the auction horses has been designed so as to ensure that not only professional riders, but also amateur and leisure riders will find their perfect horse for sports and leisure time activities.

The auction horses can be inspected daily from July 7 to July 18 during the preparatory training sessions and tried out afterward. Our customer advisors will be happy to help you choose the right horse for your ambitions. Please arrange an individual appointment by telephone with one of them.

If you have any questions concerning the Verden auction, please do not hesitate to contact the team of the auction office and the customer advisors. The online-auction of the riding horses will be on Saturday, July 18th, at 2.00 pm. [More]

Verden Auctions Online in May and June

Riding horses - 30 May
The Verden Auction Online in May ended with a brilliant final. The top price was paid again for a jumper. Cian O'Connor invested 95,000 Euros for the bay jumper Störtebecker. An average of 22,254 Euros had to be paid for the 67 auction horses. [More]

Foals  - 6 June
At the Verden Online Dressage Foal Auction the second foal led the statistics. Valentin achieved the top price of 52,000
euros. Those who wanted to secure Hannover's top genes for the dressage arena had to invest an average of 10,285 Euros. [More]

Foals – 13 June
With an average price of 7,337 Euros the Verden online auction of the 23 show jumping foals closed. Netflix jumped ahead of the competition and was the best paid hope for the future. The bid up for the Nartago/Kannan son ended at 26,000 Euros. [More]

Equi League

The first test run of the Hannoveraner online tournament for riders with Hanoverians and Rhinelanders via Equi League took place from May 30th to June 1st with 23 starters. After the first teething troubles have been cured, the second test run is to take place from July 3 - 5. The actual ‘Hannoveraner Equi League’ will then follow on four dates, whereby the same tests will be ridden each time. The four dates are: July 17-19, August 7-9, August 28-30 and September 18-20. The three best results of a rider in the same class will be added together to give the final result.
And this is how it is done:

  1. Register for free at (Look for confirmation in your spam folder if necessary).
  2. Enter for the test
  3. Shoot two videos: of the warm-up and of the test.
  4. Upload videos - done!

After the test, a ranking will be made. Each participant will receive a protocol with the evaluation and a comment on the ride.

Verden Championships in August

It is not new that the renamed Verden Championships will take place differently than we were used to. However, in the past weeks there have been further changes. Postponements and delays as well as the Corona pandemic question the timely readiness of the racecourse area. Fortunately, pVerd-event GmbH has generous alternative possibilities at its disposal, so that planning security can be created for all parties involved.

Probably from August 4, the tests of the Hannoveraner Championships of three- to six-year-old riding and dressage horses will be held on the premises of the former riding and driving school. The final tests for three- and four-year-old riding horses are scheduled to be held on August 7th and 8th. The tests of the Hanoverian Jumping Championships for young horses will be held a few weeks later as a late entry tournament. These will also be the first tests on the newly designed racetrack area. Further tests within the framework of the Verden Championships (qualification for the Louisdor Prize, qualification for the Nürnberger Burg-Pokal, Almased Amateur Cup) will probably be held in the Niedersachsenhalle from August 7th.

The Herwart von der Decken-Show will take place on Thursday, August 6th, on the grounds of the Riding and Driving School. Whether the Verden auction for foals and broodmares planned for August 7th and 8th will take place on site or whether it will be held as an online auction is not yet certain. To what extent visitors are allowed on the premises or in the Niedersachsenhalle cannot be said at this time. As soon as decisions have been made, they will be published on the website

Austria and southern Germany - Support for marketing

Burkhart Wiegand will be on the road in future when it comes to Hanoverians and Rhinelanders. On behalf of the Hannoveraner Verband, he will support marketing activities in Austria and parts of Germany. "The focus will be on the close cooperation with the breeding and training yards. We are looking forward to the cooperation", says managing director Wilken Treu. The main focus is on the direct marketing of Hanoverian and Rhineland horses in the region. Burkhart Wiegand will strengthen the regional support. Due to his activities with the Southern German horse breeders associations he has many years of experience in horse sales.

For all questions concerning marketing and breeding, Burkhart Wiegand is at your disposal under the telephone number +49-(0) 163-7832088 or by e-mail: .

Verden - Gala evening, elite auction and stallion licensing with auction

Due to the corona pandemic, major events are not permitted in Germany until the end of October. This restriction also applies to the elite auction with gala evening as well as the stallion licensing with subsequent auction. It is already certain that the gala evening before the elite auction will not take place this year. We cannot yet say at this time in which form and under which conditions the Elite Auction and the stallion licensing with auction can be held.

Verden stallion licensing – Hannes Baumgart and Markus Beerbaum new members of licensing commission

On 29 May, Hannover's stallion raisers met in Verden. Also this year, the licensing in autumn – under observance of the then valid official requirements – is to be the highlight of the breeders' year. For the first time, the licensing commission will make their decision based on discipline in two groups. Dressage rider Hannes Baumgart and the internationally successful show jumper Markus Beerbaum will complete the commissions.

While up to now the experts for dressage and show jumping have judged all the stallions together with the breeding director, they will in future only deal with the youngsters in their discipline. Only breeding director Ulrich Hahne and Martin Spoo as representative of the District Association of North Rhine-Westphalia will participate in the licensing of all stallions.

Verden stallion licensing - Preselection of colts

Also this year the pre-selection for the Verden licensing will lead the selection committee through the breeding area. The colts of the vintage 2018 will be selected at 15 pre-selection sites. However, this only applies to the dressage colts. In connection with the discipline-related separation of the licensing commission, the board of the Hannoveraner Verband has decided to select the jumping colts centrally in Verden.

The pre-selection dates are going to start at 8 a.m., the other dates will follow accordingly. Any Hanoverian or Rhineland young stallion born in 2018 and fulfilling the pedigree requirements for the Hanoverian Stud Book of the Hannoveraner Verband e. V. can be registered for the pre-selection of stallions for the Hanoverian stallion licensing from 21 to 24 October 2020. The registration of colts for the pre-selection is possible via MeinHannoveraner. [More]

Videos of mare performance tests

In the home of the Hanoverian, the season of mare performance tests is in full swing. Young mares can also be presented at these dates to apply for the Hanoverian premium. In cooperation with the website Rimondo all mares are filmed and there is a short highlight video of each event. You can find these short videos under this link at Youtube: [More]

14-day test in Adelheidsdorf

In May, a 14-day suitability test took place at the stallion testing station in Adelheidsdorf under strict hygiene conditions. 19 stallions took part. The best stallion in the test was the Westphalian Ellis by Escolar/Dimaggio with a weighted final score of 8.5, who scored between 8.5 and 9.5 for his basic gaits, rideability and interior qualities (weighted dressage final score 9.09). He is available to Hanoverian and Rhineland breeders at the Krüsterhof in Voerde. Six Hanoverian stallions were entered for the test. Vermeer by Vitalis/Sir Savoy (breeder: Theresa Bahlsen, Kirchwalsede/GER) finished the test with a weighted overall score of 8.15 and a weighted dressage final score of 8.25. He stands at the Main and State Stud Marbach. All results can be found at

Notification of birth and covering certificates via MeinHannoveraner

Many breeders already use MeinHannoveraner as a new service of the Hannoveraner Verband. MeinHannoveraner gives you the opportunity to check your personal data and the data of your horses, which are registered with the Hannoveraner Verband, and in some cases even to maintain them.
You can access MeinHannoveraner via the homepage MeinHannoveraner currently offers you the following options:

  • You can report the birth of your foals
  • View the coverings of your broodmares
  • Printing and/or emailing of covering certificates for your broodmares
  • You will get an overview of all mares and foals registered for you.
  • The registration of your broodmares
  • You can register horses for certain events
  • You will receive studbook excerpts of your registered horses as well as linear profiles, if any have been created for your horses.
  • You get access to our portal Dam Line

Further functions will be added continuously.
With the possibilities offered by this new portal, it is no longer necessary for us to send you forms to report the birth of the foals you expect in 2019 by post. You can check yourself in MeinHannoveraner which coverings or inseminations have been reported to us and you can report the births of your foals via MeinHannoveraner.

Please do not hesitate to contact Tanja Coors at if you have any questions.

Geburtsmeldung und Deckscheine über MeinHannoveraner

Viele Züchter nutzen bereits MeinHannoveraner als neuen Service des Hannoveraner Verbandes. Damit haben Sie die Möglichkeit, Ihre persönlichen Daten und die Daten Ihrer Pferde, die beim Hannoveraner Verband registriert sind, zu überprüfen und zum Teil sogar zu pflegen. Sie gelangen über die Homepage auf MeinHannoveraner.

Folgende Möglichkeiten bietet Ihnen MeinHannoveraner zurzeit:

  • Sie können die Geburt Ihrer Fohlen melden
  • Ansicht der Bedeckungen Ihrer Zuchtstuten
  • Druck und/oder E-Mail-Versand von Deckscheinen für Ihre Zuchtstuten
  • Sie erhalten einen Überblick über alle Stuten und Fohlen, die für Sie registriert Die Anmeldung Ihrer Zuchtstuten
  • Sie können Pferde für bestimmte Veranstaltungen nennen
  • Sie erhalten Zuchtbuchauszüge Ihrer eingetragenen Pferde sowie Linearprofile, falls solche von Ihren Pferden erstellt wurden
  • Sie erhalten Zugang zu unserem Portal Stutenstamm

Weitere Funktionen werden kontinuierlich hinzugefügt.
Durch diese neue Technik ist es nun nicht mehr notwendig, dass wir Ihnen zu Beginn des Jahres die Geburtsmeldungen für die bei Ihnen zu erwartenden Fohlen zusenden. In MeinHannoveraner können Sie sehen, welche Besamungen für Ihre Stuten bei uns registriert wurden und wir bitten Sie, die Geburt Ihrer Fohlen über MeinHannoveraner bei uns zu melden. Die Deckscheine, die Sie für die Besamung Ihrer Stuten benötigen, können Sie über MeinHannoveraner herunterladen und ausdrucken oder per E-Mail an den Hengsthalter weiterleiten.

Bitte wenden Sie sich bei Rückfragen an Tanja Coors, E-Mail

Hannoveraner Yearbook of Stallions 2020

There are innovations in the Hanoverian Yearbook of Stallions. The new breeding value of the German Equestrian Federation, "Highest level achieved", will be published for all breeding valued stallions. In addition, there are several current and much sought-after stallions for which breeding values were calculated for the first time. Examples: Bon Coeur, For Romance, Finest or Millennium.

The Hanoverian Yearbook of Stallions 2020 can be ordered at a price of 25.00 Euro plus postage from the Hannoveraner Verband, Mrs. Mindermann, .