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HV Members’ News 04|2020

HV Members’ News 04|2020

Dear Hanoverian and Rhineland breeders,

in the meantime, it has become quite clear what a big influence the corona pandemic has on the work of the Hannoveraner Verband. Almost all original plans for the year 2020 had to or have to be revised and changed. This concerns the organization of mare shows, of mare performance tests, of our auctions and tournaments. Details can be found in this newsletter. Events can only be held in consultation with the local health authorities and in compliance with strict safety concepts. Managing Director Wilken Treu writes in his foreword in DER HANNOVERANER 05/2020: “It will continue. The Hannoveraner Verband is there for you, in breeding and in sales. During "Corona" and after "Corona". Partly changed, and some cuts for breeders and the Verband can probably not be avoided depending on the overall economic situation. However, they can be absorbed in the long term if we position ourselves in a modern way. The Verband is, therefore, acting with an open mind - and at the same time with the necessary caution.”

As far as the realization of our breeding events outside of Germany is concerned, we follow the developments in the individual countries closely. Many of the planned registration trips take place in the second half of the year. At the moment, there are discussions in many countries about easing the strict regulations for holding events and for traveling. At the moment we cannot make any firm commitments, but we hope that we will be able to visit our loyal Hanoverian and Rhineland breeders in as many countries as possible. We look forward to the exchange with you and wish you good health above all.

Anne Kollberg                                                         Dr. Ludwig Christmann
President                                                                  Director department
Hannoveraner International                               breeding in foreign countries


Current-year members can download the pdf-file of the latest issue of the English version of our members’ magazine DER HANNOVERANER at the following link.

HV’s “The Hanoverian” – 04|2020





Gary Freeman, New Zealand, passed

At the age of 78 years the passionate New Zealand horse man Gary Freeman has passed away. Gary had his roots in racing, was a recognized trainer and racehorse owner. In 1995, on his farm Bilbar Lodge in the Palmerson North region, he stood the Hanoverian stallion Anamour by Aalborg/Lombard, who had just been imported from the State Stud Celle, on behalf of the buyer syndicate. From his first day in New Zealand until his death in 2015, Anamour was looked after by Gary Freeman. During this time he developed into one of the most important stallions in New Zealand's Hanoverian breed, leaving behind numerous top horses for dressage and eventing. Gary Freeman had a big part in these successes.

Mare performance test in Sweden cancelled

Covid-19 unfortunately also prevents the mare performance test in Sweden, which was planned for June 6. It is planned to hold it on August 15th, the date already scheduled for the foal show.

Hanoverian Shows in Denmark

In Denmark, Hanoverian dates are planned for June 12 and 13. It is planned to hold mare performance tests, combined with studbook registrations, mare shows, foal registrations, and shows and tests for young riding horses. In Denmark, too, loosening of the corona measures is expected. If the regulations permit, we would like to stick to these dates.

Registration tour in Canada

The registration tour through Canada is planned to take place in the scheduled period from the end of August to mid-September. This has been confirmed by Marjorie Haus, Chair of the Canadian Hanoverian Society, in a letter to all Canadian Hanoverian breeders. The guidelines of the Canadian government would be carefully observed and followed, but there was hope and cautious optimism. Therefore, she made the statement "we are not planning to postpone or cancel this year's inspection tour at this time." However, in the event of cancellation, there is an emergency plan in place to ensure that at least the foals born in 2020 can be registered and receive a horse passport.

Verden Auction Online - Foals - May 13 to 16

From May to July, customers and friends of the Hannoveraner horse will have the opportunity to buy selected foals at a total of four online auctions. The first foals of the year 2020 will be auctioned online from May 13 to 16. [More]

Verden Auction – Riding Horses - May 30

Preparations are in full swing for the Verden Riding Horse Auction on 30 May. Negotiations are underway with the responsible authorities in Verden about the conditions under which the auction will take place. The collection of 63 dressage and 29 show jumping horses, however, has already been determined and can be viewed here.


Breed Orientation Course 2020 cancelled

We have made this decision because the worldwide restrictions imposed by Covid-19 are so severe that, among other things, entry and exit in your own country and in other countries without prior quarantine or subsequent quarantine are not guaranteed, if possible at all.

Currently and until further notice, only members of one household or two persons from different households are allowed to travel together in Germany. Under these circumstances, it is not possible to offer a group travel package.

Events have been canceled or may only be held under very restrictive measures. This also applies to the events of the horse breeding clubs and the district societies. Everything we are doing now must be seen in the light of actual necessity and we must be able to justify it to third parties.
As a result, the mare shows of the horse breeding clubs cannot take place in the proven form this year and have been canceled. These shows are an essential part of the Breed Orientation Course.

It will probably be a long time before we get our daily and beloved routines back. We hope that a drug and/or vaccine against Covid-19 will be developed quickly so that next year the course can take place again.

Verden - FEI WBFSH World Championship for Young Dressage Horses postponed

The World Championships for Young Dressage Horses in Verden have been postponed to December 9 - 13, 2020 and will thus be held as an indoor tournament.

Studbooks and their national federations are requested by the WBFSH to carry out the selections for the postponed championships, according to the permissions that exist within each of their countries as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, in terms of holding equestrian events. The dates for nominations and final entries have not yet been published. The FEI and the host of the WBCYH Dressage will be working on this in the coming weeks and months.

Verden – Herwart von der Decken-Show and Verden Championships

The horse show "Verden International" has been renamed to "Verden Championships" this year. The outdoor facility at the racecourse in Verden, which is currently being rebuilt, will therefore probably host the Hannoveraner Championships for riding, dressage, and jumping horses from August 6 to 9. The best three-year-old Hannoveraner and Rhineland mares will be presented at the Herwart von der Decken-Show on Thursday, August 6. The qualification for the final of the Nürnberger Burg-Pokal and the international Almased Dressage Amateurs Cup will complete the program. Another highlight is the Verden auction of foals and broodmares on August 7 and 8, which will be held in this magnificent setting. Then it says "Secure the stars of tomorrow today!

"The horse show will be smaller than usual with a somewhat 'slimmed down' program", says Wilken Treu. A prerequisite for this is that the official regulations then in force can be adhered to. Admission to the "Verden Championships" is free on all days of the event but is limited to 1,000 people per day due to official regulations.

Germany: Premiums at mare performance tests – mare shows cancelled

Due to the conditions imposed by Covid-19, mare shows cannot be held in the usual manner this year and have been cancelled.
Following discussions in the Executive Board, the awarding of the mares in 2020 is to take place as follows:
- The premium is awarded at the mare performance tests throughout the year (also at the autumn tests).
- Following the mare performance tests, show classes will be made possible for mares that have not been tested and those that have been tested in previous years. Like the mare performance test, this class is not tied to the club membership of the breeder.
- Two-year-old mares, mares that have already won awards in previous years and mare families can unfortunately not be presented this year.
- Mares tested this year should not be shown in show classes at other testing locations.
- For mares that are to be presented exclusively for studbook registration (without the aim of a premium), the Verband offers farm dates (the fee for this is reduced by 50% all year round).

As a result, the mare shows of the horse breeding clubs cannot take place this year in the proven form and have to be canceled. However, it is possible that additional dates for mare performance tests according to the above-mentioned pattern will be offered. These changes could also lead to the rescheduling of the previously planned dates or locations of mare performance tests.  We will inform about this on our homepage.
Mare performance tests will only be able to be carried out if conditions are met which reduce contacts between the persons involved as much as possible.

These are serious cuts in the life of the horse breeding clubs, but we can carry out the basic tasks of selecting mares for our breeders and therefore hope for the understanding of all persons involved.
This approach also creates the currently highest possible degree of security for the processes for the coming months, even though we cannot detach ourselves from current developments. In this way, we can also guarantee a selection of mares for the hopefully feasible Herwart von der Decken-Show.

Hannoveraner Verband – events in May and June

The spread of the coronavirus continues to affect also the planning of the Hannoveraner Verband. The deadline for applications/proposals for the new bodies of the Verband has been extended until May 15th. Further information about this and all other changes/cancellations can be found here: [More]

Chipping and branding only with mouthguard

In a guideline for the implementation of breeding events, which was drawn up by the German Equestrian Federation, Breeding Department, in cooperation with the breeding associations, it is specified that when foals are marked with a microchip, both the person charged with chipping and the person who fixes the foal during chipping must wear a mouth and nose protector. Until further notice we want to apply this rule in all countries where the Hanoverian Association is active. This also applies to the branding of foals.

Notification of birth and covering certificates via MeinHannoveraner

Many breeders already use MeinHannoveraner as a new service of the Hannoveraner Verband. MeinHannoveraner gives you the opportunity to check your personal data and the data of your horses, which are registered with the Hannoveraner Verband, and in some cases even to maintain them.
You can access MeinHannoveraner via the homepage MeinHannoveraner currently offers you the following options:

  • You can report the birth of your foals
  • View the coverings of your broodmares
  • Printing and/or emailing of covering certificates for your broodmares
  • You will get an overview of all mares and foals registered for you.
  • The registration of your broodmares
  • You can register horses for certain events
  • You will receive studbook excerpts of your registered horses as well as linear profiles, if any have been created for your horses.
  • You get access to our portal Dam Line

Further functions will be added continuously.

With the possibilities offered by this new portal, it is no longer necessary for us to send you forms to report the birth of the foals you expect in 2019 by post. You can check yourself in MeinHannoveraner which coverings or inseminations have been reported to us and you can report the births of your foals via MeinHannoveraner.

Please do not hesitate to contact Tanja Coors at  if you have any questions.

Has your premium mare candidate met all the requirements?

Every breeder is delighted if his/her mare is awarded the title of state premium candidate. However, please keep in mind that certain conditions are attached to this award, i.e. the passing of a mare performance test, the veterinary examination for roaring and the use for breeding. After meeting all of these requirements within set time limits, an annual premium will be paid for a fixed period of time. Here too, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

Hannoveraner Yearbook of Stallions 2020

There are innovations in the Hanoverian Yearbook of Stallions. The new breeding value of the German Equestrian Federation, "Highest level achieved", will be published for all breeding valued stallions. In addition, there are several current and much sought-after stallions for which breeding values were calculated for the first time. Examples: Bon Coeur, For Romance, Finest or Millennium.

The Hanoverian Yearbook of Stallions 2020 can be ordered at a price of 25.00 Euro plus postage from the Hannoveraner Verband, Mrs. Mindermann, .