Tuesday, November 30, 2021
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HV Members’ News 02|2021

HV Members’ News 02|2021

Dear Hanoverian and Rhineland breeders,
last Saturday, the Hannoveraner Verband held an informational event via video lifestream to report to delegates and members on the work of last year's newly elected Board of Directors, as well as on the work of the executive management and of the breeding director. The video of this German-language event can be viewed on the Hannoveraner Verband YouTube channel. Tonight, via Zoom Conference, there is a counterpart in English, for which numerous members from many countries have registered. We look forward to welcoming many of you this evening.

Anne Kollberg
President Hannoveraner International
& the team of Hannoveraner Verband

Dr. Ludwig Christmann
Director department
breeding in foreign countries


Current-year members can download the pdf-file of the latest issue of the English version of our members’ magazine DER HANNOVERANER at the following link.

HV’s “The Hanoverian” – 02|2021



Find covering certificates for your mares in MeinHannoveraner

Many breeders already use MeinHannovearner as a service of the Hannoveraner Verband. MeinHannoveraner gives you the opportunity to check your personal data and the data of your horses, which are registered with the Hannoveraner Verband, and in some cases even to maintain them.
You can access MeinHannoveraner via the homepage www.hannoveraner.com. MeinHannoveraner currently offers you the following options:
-         You can report the birth of your foals
-         View the coverings of your broodmares
-         Download covering certificates with the details of your active mares
-         You will get an overview of all mares and foals registered for you
-         Register and deregister your broodmares
-         Download studbook excerpts of your registered horses as well as linear profiles, if any have been created for your horses.
-         You get access to our portal Dam Line
You can check yourself in MeinHannoveraner which coverings or inseminations have been reported to us and you can report the births of your foals via MeinHannoveraner.
Please do not hesitate to contact Tanja Coors at  if you have any questions.

New procedure for parentage verification

There is an important change this year in parentage verification. Up to now, so-called microsatellite markers, which are found at various locations in the horse genome, were examined for parentage control. In 2021, all German sport horse associations will switch to a SNP-based system. There is a detailed explanation of this new procedure in the attached issue of The Hanoverian.

This new procedure offers possibilities that go far beyond mere pedigree testing. The SNP technology allows an individual analysis of the respective horse genome and is an important basis for a future entry into genomic selection. The prices for this new technology have fallen sharply in recent years, so that we do not currently expect a serious additional burden for our breeders. The procedures have also remained the same.

USA – Virtual membership meeting of the AHS

Thanks to Covid19, the AHS Annual Governance Meeting was held virtually for the first time ever on January 31. Feedback suggests it was a successful event that may work well into the future. The new format allows those who cannot make the in-person meeting to participate from afar. From the German Hannoveraner Verband, the Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board Ernestine Zwingmann and the Chairman  Hinni Lührs Behnke, Managing Director Wilken Treu and Breeding Director Uli Hahne took part. Katie Holder-Vale, President of the British Hanoverian Horse Society and from the Canadian Hanoverian Society President Marjorie Haus as well as Georg von Platen, President of the Hanoverian Horse Breeding Society Canada West, also joined in.

The meeting featured annual reports from AHS President Edgar Schutte, Executive Director Joanne Hodges, and each of the AHS committee chairs. Ludwig Christmann, the director of breeding abroad for the HV, gave a report on upcoming events in Europe as well as a recap of breeding rule changes, issues being discussed today, the stallion auction, and mare inspections from this year.

Meg Williams was singled out as the 2020 Volunteer of the Year for all her outstanding contributions to the 2020 Inspection Tour! She was instrumental in making sure that every mare, foal, and stallion that could be inspected in 2020 had a judge at the site on the appointed day. The American Hanoverian Society was one of the few studbooks in the U.S. that was able to maintain on-site service to its members in 2020, a year marked by the Covid 19 pandemic, with, among other things, horse registrations and studbook registrations. This was registered very gratefully. Chairman Edgar Schütte thanked all members of the Mare and Stallion Committee for their commitment in this regard.

All in all, due to a lot of creativity, flexibility, and hard work, 2020 was a successful year for the AHS despite all the crazy hurdles.

Breedings by forty stallions donated

The American Hanoverian Society reports, that stallion owners donated breedings by forty stallions from the United States, Canada, and Europe for the AHS stallion service auction 2021 (https://www.barnlog.com/auctions/2021AHS/). More than $29,000 was raised, which is a 14 percent increase over 2020. Jessica Stallings of Signature Sporthorses did a fantastic job of spearheading this effort and promoting every stallion that donated on Facebook and other social media. Proceeds will benefit the American Hanoverian Society.

Relaunch of the AHS Homepage

The American Hanoverian Society has completely redesigned and relaunched its homepage. Visit the "new AHS" at www.hanoverian.org.

BHHS Annual General Meeting

The 2021 Annual General Meeting of the British Hanoverian Horse Society (BHHS) will be held via Zoom Meeting on March 20, 2021. Please find further information on the homepage www.hanoverian-gb.org.uk .

WebSeminar on stallion lines

The British Hanoverian Horse Society and the Hannoveraner Verband are offering a WebSeminar in two parts on "Stallion Lines in Hanoverian Breeding" via Zoom videoconference in English. Date of the first part is Wednesday, March 24, 2021, 7 p.m. CET, part two will follow one week later on Wednesday March 31, also 7 p.m.. The speaker will be Dr. Ludwig Christmann. Each will last two hours. Entries are being accepted by Kate Eaton . Since capacity is limited, priority will be given to members of the BHHS and Hannoveraner Verband. Participation is free of charge.

AGM of the Canadian Hanoverian Society

The Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Hanoverian Society will be held via Zoom Meeting on Saturday, April 24, 2021 12 noon. Representatives of the German Hanoverian Society are expected as guests. Prior to this meeting, the Hanoverian Breed Clubs of Canada West and Canada East will conduct their own short meetings.  Marjorie Haus, president of the Canadian Hanoverian Society about the meeting: " This AGM promises to be quite informative as the newly elected executives from both the Eastern and Western Clubs will be introduced.  Further, short presentations on our very successful 2021 Stallion Service Auction and plans for our 2021 Inspection Tour will be shared.  We hope for strong participation from our members in a robust discussion regarding new initiatives we hope to implement in the coming years.  In these unprecedented times, this Zoom meeting offers our members an unprecedented experience to gather as a whole membership!  More information is to follow in the Canadian Hanoverian Society’s March newsletter.  We look forward to seeing everyone there!"

Zoom Conference for Hanoverian breeders in South Africa

According to the current status of the covid-19 infection situation, the Hannoveraner Verband will not be able to visit its breeders in South Africa again this year. In order to enable an exchange of information, the Hannoveraner Verband will offer a Zoom meeting for Hanoverian and Rhineland breeders in South Africa on Tuesday, March 9. On the agenda will be an overview of the developments in the Hanoverian breed but also detailed information on how foals can be registered in 2021. An invitation to this event to our members in this country will be mailed soon.

Eight young stallions awarded Weltmeyer and Stakkato prizes

For the tenth time, the Hannoveraner Verband has awarded the best young stallions after their successfully passed the performance test. The breeders of three dressage stallions can be happy about the Weltmeyer-Prize. The Stakkato Prize for showjumping talents went to five future hopefuls. The award ceremony in front of a large audience will take place at a later date. [More]

Dressage sire Hotline passed away

At the age of 18, the Hofrat son Hotline had to be euthanized. Hotline left the Hanoverian licensing in 2005 as the winning stallion and changed hands for 800,000 Euros to the joint ownership of Paul Schokemöhle and the Blue Hors stud. As Blue Horse Hotline, the black stallion (breeder: Friedrich Oppermann, Salzgitter) won the 70-day test in Schlieckau and was successful up to Grand Prix level. At the end of 2018, Hotline was sold to Canada to Jennifer Arnoldt and was available to breeders through Dreamscape Farm. The sire leaves 46 S-successful offspring and seven licensed sons.

Sports test for jumping stallions

At the beginning of February, the sport test for jumping stallions took place in Münster-Handorf. By far the best stallion among the five-year-olds was the Casall/Conteur son Chezarro owned by the Holsteiner Verband with a weighted jumping final score of 9.78. Two stallions licensed by the Hanoverian Verband followed in second and third place respectively. Hickstead Blue by Hickstead White/Chacco Blue (breeder: Heinrich Ramsbrock, Menslage) finished the test with a score of 9.15 and the Kannan/Contendro I son Keaton (breeder: Rudolf Schmitt, Wöhrden) received a score of 9.06.

Three Hanoverian stallions competed in this age group. For Friendship VDL by For Pleasure/Stakkato Gold bred by Günther Soltau, Hamburg, received the highest score of 8.68. For Friendship VDL was the premium stallion at the 2018 licensing in Verden and is owned by VDL Stud, Netherlands. At the same licensing, Perfect One by Perpignon/Count Grannus was purchased and finished the test with a final score of 8, 24. He was bred by Heinz Meyer, Steyerberg, and is owned by Melanie Deckenbach, Rodgau near Frankfurt. For Professor by For Pleasure/ Stakkato, who has not yet been licensed for Hanover, passed the test with a final score of 8.23. His breeder is Prof. Dr. Karl Böhm, Hanover, and he is owned by Zuchthof Klatte, Lastrup.
In the four-year-old class, the Westphalian Forlee by For Pleasure/Comme il faut received the best weighted jumping final score of 9.22.

His dam is the Rhineland mare Chao Lee by Comme il faut, who won the Bundeschampionat in Warendorf as a five-year-old and the World Championships for Young Show Jumpers in Lanaken as a six-year-old. She descends from the Hanoverian dam line of Schließerin. Forlee is approved for Hanover and stationed at the Beerbaum station

Sports test for dressage stallions

At the sport test for dressage stallions in Münster-Handorf, Hanoverian participation was only seen in the 12 four-year-old stallions. However, the best result was achieved with a final score of 8.84 by the Westphalian registered Fürst Jazz/Sir Donnerhall son Flashbang, who comes from the Hanoverian mare line of Condera. The second highest score of 8, 74 had the Hanoverian Frankie Lee by Franziskus out of a dam by Spörcken ( breeder Friedrich-Wilhelm Gehrke, Klötze), other Hanoverian stallions with a score of 7,5 and better were Bitcoin by Bon Coeur/ Licosto ( final score 8, 32, breeder Julia and Tim Karrasch, Langenhagen), a Fürstenball/Ampere son bred by Gestüt Hof Poggenkrug, Wittmund (final score 8.23) and Gestüt Schafhof's Foundation/Conteur son Fiducioso bred by Guido Kamphorst, Nordhorn ( 8.02). The group of 12 five-year-old stallions was dominated by the Oldenburg Dimaggio/Fürst Heinrich son Dimaggio Black, who is stationed at Gestüt Sprehe and approved for Hanover, with a very high score of 9.4. Also approved for Hanover is the Escolar/Dimaggio son Ellis, who also did very well with a score of 9.04.

Sport tests for stallions in Verden

Sport tests for dressage stallions will be held in Verden from March 12 to 14 and for show jumping stallions from March 15 to 17, 2021. The event will be broadcast live on wwwclipmyhorse.tv.

Breed Orientation Course 2021

One has to be optimistic these days. Therefore, pending on the development of the Covid 19 pandemic we plan for a  Breed Orientation Course in 2021. We have scheduled it from October 30 until November 6 in connection with the stallion licensing for dressage stallions. This course has become iconic. It is an in-depth learning experience, offering lectures on bloodlines in Hanover and on the Hanoverian breeding programme. It includes the practical judging of horses, visits to the State Stud at Celle, to the stallion performance testing station at Adelheidsdorf and to other studs and breeders’ farms. A very special highlight is the Hanoverian stallion licensing on the final three days of the course.

As the number of participants is limited, applications will be accepted on a first-come basis.
For more information please contact Tanja Coors by August 30, email: , ph.: +49-4231-673719, fax: +49-4231-673712

Virtual stallion shows

February traditionally marks the beginning of the stallion show season. This year, many of the stallion stations offer their show online. An overview is available at https://www.clipmyhorse.tv/de_DE/tvguide .