Saturday, December 10, 2022
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Hannoveraner Championships in Verden

Last year, the later Bundeschampion Rock Festival in Verden made his first public appearance. (Photo: Hannoveraner Verband)

Verden. From July 6 to 8 the time has come: The Hannoveraner Championships for riding, dressage and show jumping horses will be held in Verden. The riding horses will compete for the coveted tickets to the Bundeschampionat. The open dressage tests for young horses are also qualifications for Warendorf. In addition, the best ponies from Hannover will be competing to determine their champions. The Hannoveraner Championships in Verden will be broadcast live on the internet at ClipMyHorse.TV.

There will be a lot of excitement in the dressage arena as well as in the show jumping course. Traditionally, the riding horse tests are of particular interest. Three- and four-year-old mares and geldings compete for the title, stallions demonstrate their skills in their own championship. It is not only about the yellow and white winner's sashes, but also about the coveted tickets to the Bundeschampionat for riding horses. The candidates are nominated by representatives of the Hannoveraner Verband after the Riding Horse Championships.

Not only the Hannoveraner Champions will be determined in the dressage horse classes. The qualifiers for the Bundeschampionat for five- and six-year-old dressage horses are particularly exciting. Accordingly, the competitions for the five and six-year-olds are open to all German riding horses. The six best Hannoveraner or Rhinelanders of the Bundeschampionat qualifiers will then meet for the exciting final of the Hannoveraner Dressage Horse Championships.

The Hannoveraner Show Jumping Horse Championships are only for Hannoveraner and Rhinelanders. All participants of the qualifiers for four-, five-, six- and seven-year-olds are eligible to compete in the final. The 2016 and 2017 vintage will compete in a elementary show jumping test, for the talents born in 2014 and 2015 the clock is the decisive criterion.

A look at the programme of the Verden Championships is worthwhile, because visitors can finally be there live on a limited scale on the newly designed show grounds. Tuesday and Wednesday are the qualifying competitions. Thursday is all about the Hannoveraner Champions. On the last day of the Verden Championships it will be particularly exciting, because the Hannoveraner riding, dressage and show jumping horses will go into their finals. In addition, the ponies will be proving themselves in the riding pony competitions, in which the starting places for the Bundeschampionat are also at stake.