Thursday, February 2, 2023
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Again the Proven Team of Auctioneers at the Verden Auctions

Managing Director Wilken Treu with the two auctioneers Bernd Hickert and Frederik De Backer (Photo: Hannoveraner Verband)

Verden. After the turbulences of the Verden stallion sales in October 2019, the Hannoveraner Verband will resume its cooperation with auctioneer Bernd Hickert from April 2020. Bernd Hickert had temporarily suspended his work as auctioneer, but now the management of the Hannoveraner Verband is looking forward to his return.

After the irritations during the auction at the last Verden Stallion sales, the Hannoveraner Verband had agreed with Bernd Hickert to suspend his work as auctioneer until further notice. This break should come to an end with the Verden Auction on April 17/18, 2020. Internal discussions have reviewed the situation. "We want to stick to the system with two auctioneers and have continued to express our confidence in Bernd Hickert's work," said chairman Hans Henning von der Decken. The Hannoveraner Verband will continue to organise successful auctions on this basis and Bernd Hickert will auction together with Frederik De Backer as usual.

"I am aware that the Hannoveraner Verband had to bear a great burden after the aforementioned auction. I would have preferred to spare the association this. I am all the more grateful for the trust and am pleased that we are now continuing together again," said Bernd Hickert, who considers the past break to be meaningful and important. "I wanted to do very well at the auction - but for a moment I lost my usual style".

At the Verden Auctions in November and January Johann Harms had taken over the management of the auctions alongside Frederik De Backer. "The Hannoveraner Verband would like to thank him for his spontaneous acceptance and problem-free cooperation. We would also like to thank Frederik De Backer for bridging the break of his colleague with us and for auctioning the large collections on his own", says Wilken Treu, Managing Director of the Hannoveraner Verband.