Saturday, June 10, 2023
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Breeding a Mare

Breeding a Mare

Photo Credit: Tamara Torti

The decision to breed your mare and raise a foal is one of the most exciting and challenging choices an owner will make. It is important to carefully follow the Society’s established guidelines before and after the breeding and the birth to be sure the resulting foal is eligible for registry with the AHS.

Stallion Status Verification

It is the mare owner’s responsibility to verify the stallion’s status. A stallion must be AHS approved and all dues paid for the year in which the foal is conceived in order for the foal to be registered.

Use of HV-approved non-Hanoverian Stallions

As a result of the Fall 2007 referendum vote, all restrictions placed on breeding to HV-approved non-Hanoverian stallions have been removed. Effective in 2008, the AHS membership is able to use any HV-approved stallion, regardless of breed, standing outside the borders of the United States.

DNA Typing

Whether the breeding is by live cover or artificial insemination, DNA typing is required on the sire, dam and foal. Keeping accurate insemination records is essential when using transported semen.

Embryo Transfer

The AHS recognizes Embryo Transfer and allows an unlimited number of foal registrations per donor mare provided both the sire and dam are inspected and entered in the AHS studbook.